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The Companion Skippy Project

I've been involved in the self funded development of artificial intelligence (AI) for over 30 years so that everyone can benefit from having their own little helper. What at first seemed easy, turned into a difficult project, at times almost taking my sanity and draining the finances down to zero. I've taken time out now and again to fill the bank and reconnect with real people to learn about their needs ... the things that AI can help out with. I've been watching and learning about interactions, ambiguity, context and just being friends with my dog Shadow.

I've never stopped dreaming about accomplishing this life long goal and I believe that finally, I have all the answers I need to provide you with an intelligent companion, not just a social robot or a loyal friend like Shadow. So with what years I have left, I intend to do just that and put what I've learned, to work for all of you who would like this. Initially in the form of this cute little kangaroo I've called 'Companion Skippy' which came about from my fascination of wild Kangaroos in the outback and a suggestion from my partner Dianne.
Companion Skippy

'Companion Skippy' will be able to help with your day to day tasks and be a great mate to share your secrets with at the same time! You get to name her yourself, which you can do before she is delivered. You'll be able to chat with 'Companion Skippy' on-line so that by the time she is delivered she will already know your likes and dislikes and things she can help you with. This will also enable us to fine tune your individual system, so that you will in fact be receiving a companion that is unique.

Although we have mastered the thinking and learning, we have to be able to build multiple intelligent companions for delivery. This is why we require funding support. Realistically it is going to take a lot more funding to take this project to the world, but this crowd funded beginning will produce the perks and pave the way to allow the project to move to the next level. You'll benefit by being the early adopters, getting first hands on this exciting technology and we'll benefit by building a track record with our delivery of 'Companion Skippy' to you and supporting you into the future. All updates will be passed on to those who have supported us from the beginning.

What sets this project apart, is your ability to get connected from the start. You can begin building your relationship with your intelligent companion as soon as you make your pledge. Even if you haven't ordered one yet, you'll be able to down the track!

Every perk will be delivered even if there is a short fall in overall funding. The risk is that a short fall may cause delays while we find alternate ways to complete the funding. We will deliver on all pledges received.

Thanks for dropping by, please enjoy our website ;)

Peter J Trevathan

(Founder Best Bits Online)

Companion Skippy Timing

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