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Virtual Intelligent Service Agent

The V.I.S.A. Affiliate Program is Ready To Go

You Make Passive Money Promoting V.I.S.A.

V.I.S.A. is a very smart Virtual Intelligent Service Agent, using advanced artificial general intelligence (AGI) to understand and respond to natural language. Complex queries and frequently asked questions (FAQ) can be answered immediately!

Because the system can speak to multiple customers at the same time, visitors to a website using V.I.S.A. can get a better answer, quicker than the large multi nationals, who employ thousands of people to do the same thing. Set up is easy, just provide the same information you give all your customers and every agent demonstrating your products or services will perform equally well, ensuring sales and add on opportunities are converted.

Small organisations can compete on a level playing field at a fraction of the cost.

Now you have the opportunity to promote V.I.S.A. and make lifetime commissions doing so! In fact if you think about it, you can put an agent on your affiliate page to converse and promote the advantage to your own visitors. You won't have to teach V.I.S.A. about the business, because we'll do that for you, completely free!

We pay 20% on individual business set up and lifetime recurring commissions, meaning you make $150 on each client setup and as much as $93.60 per year for each client you refer (and you make the same commission every year the client continues to use V.I.S.A.)! No other Virtual Intelligent Service Agent pays close to this amount on commissions, so not only do you get to promote the best product, but you also get paid more in commissions than any other Virtual Intelligent Service Agent!

Don't Have a V.I.S.A. Affiliate Account? Sign Up Here for a Free Affiliate Account! Start exploring the possibilities today. If you already have a V.I.S.A. account, simply log in and you'll be able to promote V.I.S.A. right from your account!

If there's anything else you want to know just ask Aimie on the 'Chat' button below ...

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